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New Licensed Employee Checklist

_______   Initial Contract Verification Form
_______   Teaching Certificate
_______   Original Transcript
_______   NTE or PRAXIS Scores
_______   Letters or Teacher Retirement Printout of Years of Experience
_______   Ask for letter from prior District on transferable sick days
_______   Teacher Retirement Forms
                   Membership Form
                   Lump Sum Beneficiary Designation
                   Disposition of Residue Beneficiary Designation
_______   Copy of Social Security Card
_______   Copy of Driver's License
_______   Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form)
_______   W-4
_______   State Tax Form AR4EC
_______   HSD Background Check Instructions
_______   Direct Deposit Authorization (with a voided check from the account that Direct Deposit will go into)
_______   Drug-Free Workplace Acknowledgement (sign and return page 4)
_______   Sick Bank Donation Form
_______   Personnel Policy Acknowledgement
_______   EBD Permission Form
_______   Insurance Forms: Please print all forms here

_______   Email a headshot of yourself for your Employee Badge to

***Please call our Employee Services Administrator, Mrs. Mary Yates, at the Administration Office (479-737-8005) for any questions or to determine if a new background check is going to be required***